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Skull Mod with 18650/18350 battery.This telescopic Mod can be used with both 18650 type battery or 18350 type battery (one must unscrew the bottom part and use it in small version).To vape it is necessary to unscrew the bolt from the bottom end (opposite to the thread) for about 3mm. The unscrewed bolt must be pressed, this being the Power button, which...


KTS Telescoping Mechanical Mod in Chrome.This mod is able to telescope to use three different type of batteries: 18350, 18500 and 18650.This chrome beauty has a lightweight comfortable feel in the hand, very pleasant and practical in use. This is by far one of the best telescopic mods out there and at this price its a perfect add on for your collection of...


Cronus mechanical mod.The Cronus is a simple but also hard-hitting mechanical mod.Feels sturdy and has a good weight to the device.Features the same innovative lock mechanism as the original Titan.Copper contacts and a floating positive pin.The floating positive pin ensures that any device you attach to it will fit flush and look awesome.

lei236.00 -15% lei200.60

L-Rider GT stainless steel body.The Rider GT features:no PCB: there is no PCB inside the GT body, more durable;full mechanical mod: Rider Gt is completely mechanical in manufacturing and does not have any soldering parts or wiring;the GT`s button is in an ergonomic position: the GT mod is easy to use and the button can be locked when you carry it inside...