Ready-made vegetable liquids with different flavors: tobacco, mint, fruit, coffee, chocolate, alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic.

Hangsen VG ( There are 37 products )


  • Other flavors

    10 ml liquid bottle from Hangsen with flavors of coffee, chocolate, vanilla or energizing.

  • Drink flavor

    Vegetable liquids from Hangsen with flavoring of alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Fruit flavor

    Bottles containing 10 ml of ready made liquid with fruit flavors such as apple, cherry, melon, raspberry, currant, mandarin, watermelon or fruit mix.

  • Mint flavor

    100% vegetable liquid with menthol flavor and different concentrations of nicotine.

  • Classic Tobacco

    10 ml dropper bottles containing different tobacco flavors to suit all tastes. Available in different concentrations of nicotine.