Bases 100 ml from Inawera with different concentrations of nicotine, either VG, PG, VG +PG or Menthol: VG Biobase, VPG, VBT, VPG Plus 70/30%, PG Eco, 2D Fresh, Dirty Universal or Neutral.

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  • 2D Fresh Base 100ml

    2D Fresh Base 100ml methol from Inawera.

  • Universal Base 100ml

    Universal Base 100ml from Inawera. Different nicotine levels available.

  • VBT Base 100ml

    Virginia Base Tobacco 100ml from Inawera. More nicotine levels available.

  • VPG Base 100ml

    Inawera 100ml VPG Base (50%VG+50%PG). Laboratory tested for heavy metal content.

  • PG Eco Base 100ml

    PG Eco Base 100ml from Inawera. Various nicotine levels available.

  • VG Biobase 100ml

    VG Biobase 100ml from Inawera. Various nicotine levels available.

  • VPG 70/30 Base 100ml

    VPG Plus base with 30%VG and 70%PG. This VPG base created with a touch of etylomaltol.

  • Dirty Neutral Base 100ml

    Dirty Neutral base from Inawera. VPG base with the special know-how "ashtray" flavor added. Can be vaped directly or used in your own mixes. 

  • VPG Plus Base 100ml

    Contains 43%PG, 48%VG, demineralized water and a touch of Etylomaltol.


    The database was created by mixing and propylene glikol & Biogaza with etylomaltol.


    The quality of the base is guaranteed by company’s, professional laboratory.