Bottles of 5 ml, 7 ml or 10 ml from Inawera with the following flavors: tobacco, alcohol, coffee, exotic fruit, mint, Wera Garden or Tino D`Milano.

Flavors ( There are 4 products )


  • 5ml Flavors

    Sealed bottles contains 5 ml of flavor from Inawera. Different flavors to create your favorite liquid. 

  • 7ml Flavors

    Flavors from Inawera in sealed bottles of 7ml. These flavors must be combined with Inawera bases to create your own e-liquid.

  • 10ml Alcohol Flavors

    10 ml flavors with different alcohol taste to satisfy every customer. All ready mixed liquids must be kept for 24 hours for the flavor to be absorbed.

  • 10ml Coffee Flavors

    Flavors from Inawera tasting like your favorite coffee, chocolate or cappuccino. All bottles are sealed and contain 10 ml.

  • 10ml Exotic Flavors

    10 ml bottles containing the most exotic flavors for fruit lovers and beyond.

  • 10ml Fruit Flavors

    Best fruity taste waist to get you back to your childhood. Try them and you will not regret it.

  • 10ml Refreshing Flavors

    These mint flavors with refreshing taste are suitable for all users of electronic cigarette.

  • 10ml Tobacco Flavors

    Sealed bottles of 10 ml with different tobacco flavors to suit all tastes. You can try from the classic flavors to Oriental ones.

  • 10ml Tino D`Milano...

    Special Collection Tino D'Milano containing various flavors, such as: tobacco, fruit, mint, alcohol and vanilla.

  • 10ml Wera Garden Flavors

    You definitely have to try out these flavors from Wera Garden. It's a very pleasant vape for all e-cig users.