Atomizers, Clearomizers - maintenance and cleaning

Atomizers, Clearomizers - maintenance and cleaning

What is needed to clean electronic cigarette
Proper maintenance of electronic cigarette, both in terms of its functioning but hygiene is essential for electronic smoking experience to be a pleasant and especially beneficial.
Electronic Cigarette well maintained, suitable flavors and especially well dosed e-liquid for each type of smoker will help reduce consumption of nicotine, quitting cigarettes classic most harmful and unpleasant odor and even gave up smoking.
In cleaning and technical maintenance of electronic cigarettes and their components is important to know how to use, installation and repairing or power.
Cartomizatorul is built atomizer and cartridge can be disposable or can be used several times if properly cleaned. You can opt for single or Dual Coil cartomizatoare 2 resistant and provide a stronger taste.

Clearomizer or cartomizers clearomizorul is a type of transparent and can be recharged. There are various models with different capacities.
clearomizor CE5-Sailebao-ego tgoProcedura cleaning is simple and easy if you follow the basic steps. Start by removing the mouthpiece and silicone ring, then gently pull clearomizorului body. This, together with the filter wash thoroughly with warm water. After washing, dry with a clean towel wick clearomizorului, then enter the body back clearomizorului. After loading it with liquid, replace the ring and silicone mouthpiece. offers various models of atomizers and clearomizoare in subcategories Clearomizoare EC Clearomizoare Double, Euodia and Vivi Nova.


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