List of products by brand Biansi


Biansi Ant clearomizer is a new product which upgraded from Imist and ce4. It is the easiest design for refilling, looks nice, high quality, good taste.  It fit for ego style battery, such as ego, ego-t, Imist, Imist-b battery. Hold 1.8ml flavors. There are four parts, tip, coil, transparent tube, and base part, the coil is replaceable.


Biansi Imist-M Passthrough and Battery 900mAh.The Imist-M is the newest biansi battery.It has standard eGo / 510 connection.5 click on / off as with all Biansi batteries.The Biansi-M Passthrough battery has a mini USB connection on the bottom. Thus it can used while charging, this is very convenient if you are near a suitable power source, such as a...


Elife Atomizer Core.It is the core replacement for Elife Atomizer, the most important part of Elife atomizer.Resistance: 2,2 ohms.Each Elife atomizer contains 2 parts: atomizer base and atomizer cone. Each atomizer base contains 1pc atomizer heating core.When an Elife atomizer dies, you can revive the atomizer easily by replacing with a new core.

lei21.00 -30% lei14.70

Elife/Imist Portable Cartridges Case.It is a special case made only for Elife/Imist cartridges. Each cases can hold 3pc prefilled cartridges with no leakage.There are 3 pc soft sealing column at the bottom of cases, which has the exact size of the refilling holes at the end of cartridges.

lei219.00 -15% lei186.15

Benefits of the eGo-X Biansi system:- there is no possibility that atomisers leak, as it sometimes happens at the clasic eGo-T model;- the flavour it  releases is the best for an atomizer and for a much longer period of time;- it can be cleaned easily also by  beginner  or advanced users.