Note: When you want to checkout using PayPal please make sure that one of the following currencies is selected : Eur,Usd,Gbp

How do I order ?

We provided to our customers more ways to contact our store to buy electronic cigarette or receive various information:

  • through Yahoo Messenger (ID: etigara_electronica), an operator will answer your requests online
  • through e-mail ,you can write us what interests you about our products or to make a order with our posibility to contact you contact to confirm the order.
  • through the shopping cart where you can add in a quickly and exactly maner the desired products, with a good view of total costs, then being able to be contacted by e-mail or call our operators for confirmation. We recommend this method of order because both you and we have a clear view of the orders and then you can get various discounts.

We specify that all personal data provided by you in order concluding a partnership will be used strictly in this purpose and will not be disclosed to third parties for commercial use or common interests.

Products prices include VAT.

Products warranty

Commercial warranty for products and parts sold on our site is 30 days.

Commercial warranty is provided for all products sold by our company, except supplies: spray, cartridges, liquids etc.

No warranty is given for damages resulted from the use of refilled cartridges.

Also, the warrenty is not granted to products which, according to our specialists , the product is  damaged due to handling or careless operation (mechanical shock, electrical, thermal, high impurities, high humidity conditions, foreign objects or liquids inside the equipment , placing in positions other than those described in the user manual, etc.), unauthorized interference on equipment, improper installation, accidents of any kind, for use in circumstances inconsistent with instructions for use, operation beyond the load provided by the manufacturer.

Normal mechanical wear is not covered by the warranty.

For receiving online payments, our society has chosen as a partner Mobilpay platform. Transactions are processed in mobilpay system 3D-Secure, dedicated high security payment system online. Your information and the related payment remain strictly confidential. Data logging and order card payments details are not viewed or stored on our site or by mobilpay's operators platform.Data logging is transmitted securely to your card issuing bank.

You can pay online with your personal or your company card in a safe manner. Payment by card is safe because your card details are not stored by the processor, they are secured and encrypted. If you are a buyer, the payment procedure is extremely simple:

To use this payment method is not necessary to register on mobilpay site, the only condition is to have a valid card and enough money to cover the counter products that you wish to pay.

Through the mobilpay payment system ALL CHARGES related to payments are paid by the seller. You have to pay only the cost of your order !

Accepted Cards :

After you choose the products that you want to purchase on our website and you have added them in your shopping cart, select Mobilpay icon and enter the "NEXT" which will direct the final page of issue of invoice . After ordering the payment you are taken to our page which will display the confirmation of payment. Mime time display is 60 seconds. Simultaneously, an invoice is issued on your mail, and one to us.

To make a Mobilpay payment the account currency from which payment is made needs to be RON. Mobilpay Service does not accept other currencies besides RON

Details of how the transactions take place on the platform mobilpay card:.

The customer selects the goods he wants from our online store and complete his order and delivery dates. Next step customer is redirected to mobilpay secured page where card details are entered. These data are not stored on the mobilpay server, these are sent securely to the processing bank.
The client will be guided to upload his password verified by Visa card or Mastercard on the  issuing bank page (optional). The processing bank will send the data to the client's bank issuing page, which will authorize the transaction.
Then the processing bank then sends the result to mobilpay.
Mobilpay sends the authorization result to the seller and to the customer to confirm the order finalization. (First 4 steps takes between 2 and 3 seconds)
The amounts of all transactions processed, minus commissions, are transmitted to the seller's bank account.
More details here: mobilpay - Romania
Online payment by Paypal

During the ordering process choose method of payment through PayPal, after completing the order details and you will be redirected to PayPal to pay the bill.
PayPal is a very popular payment system by unfolding his most online transactions on eBay. Paypal provides transaction security being one of the most important  providers of payment services via the Internet.
You can pay using credit cards, debit cards (salary) or prepaid cards with Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express.
Reasons of using paypal :

- Use your credit card online without exposing your card number to the seller.

- Very fast payment. No need to enter your card number and address each time.

- Payment is made directly from your computer.

- The transaction is done on secure servers and your data is safe.

- Data card payment required are not placed on the online store page, are placed on the secured pages of processor cards. Data are not stored on card processor's servers. When you enter your data card, they are sent encrypted to the issuing bank to authenticate the transaction servers. All servers are scanned daily trading against vulnerabilities.

- Pay with PayPal your card regardless of the currency in which it is issued. Romanian card works without problems.
We look forward to your orders!