DSE 901-220 mah original Sailebao

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The most reliable electronic cigarette in the world. Our product is the original inventor of the model (company Sailebao). Than 220 mah battery.

Available colors: Black. matte black, titanium, pink, chrome (stainless), blue, red and white - please specify in the order desired color. 


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Product overview:

The most reliable electronic cigarette in the world. Our product is the original inventor of the model (company Sailebao). The originality of the product is proved by the fact that batteries and atomisers are stamped (marked) by producing factory (Sailebao). The large amount of vapor and battery longevity, it places the most recommended product for those who want to experiment with electronic smoking.

It is a cigarette smoker for both beginners and experienced e-cigarettes.
It has good battery during its dimensiuniunile reduced, and the cartridge storage capacity is generous Liquid.
This pattern was observed while cigarette electronic cigarette market with excellent reliability and durability.


Model: DSE 901
Length: 119 mm (including atomizer and cartridge)
Weight: 19 g
No. inhalation of a cartridge: 100-150 inhalations
1 cartridge is equivalent to ~ 15 normal cigarettes
Battery capacity: 220 mAh
Battery Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
A charged battery provides: 180-250 inhalations
Battery charge time: ~ 2.5 hours

Package Contents:

An electronic cigarette than 220 mah battery
An adapter socket
1 USB charger
5 cartridges

Available colors: Black. matte black, titanium, pink, chrome (stainless), blue, red, white, red with black, blue with black - please specify in the order desired color.

Put a new cartridge. Never twist the cartridge in the end. Take it out and you enter it without wheels!
When inhaled in cigarette, hold it down less inclined to allow liquid from the cartridge to get the atomizer.

What is electronic cigarette and how does it work?
Electronic Cigarette is an microelectronic vapor, which uses an advanced atomization. This technology produces electronic cigarette flavored cigarette vapor through the electronic cigarette liquid atomization.

Electronic Cigarette - is different, essentially, the traditional cigarettes:
It generates ash, does not turn or burn, and does not include the 4,000 toxins and carbon monoxide are found in traditional cigarettes. The appearance of "smoke" is actually generated by the electronic cigarette liquid vaporization, and therefore is not harmful to others (to eliminate the risks of passive smoking). Electronic Cigarette can be used in public places where smoking is normally prohibited.

How does the electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is composed of three elements:

Battery: it activates automatically when they inhale, atomizer and simultaneously supplies power LED lights that mimic the embers.

Atomizer: is the solution to vaporize the electronic cigarette cartridge.

Cartridge contains a sponge soaked with liquid electronic cigarette.

Every time you inhale the cigarette electronic pressure sensor activates a battery that powered atomizer (evaporator) and heats it, as the heat evaporates the liquid smoke, thus giving the sensation of smoking. This satisfies both electronic cigarette nicotine addiction and dependence of its users gesture. The advantage is that it is safe for both users and for others (if you use liquid without nicotine).

Useful information
When smoke is recommended to keep the electronic cigarette tilted down about. 30 degrees lighter fluid to get the atomizer.

Be sure to format the battery! After first use leave it to charge approx. 8 hours.

Cartridges can be recharged approx. 20-30 times (ie 30 days for a regular smoker). After this period the cartridge wool imbacseasca and tends to reduce in size. When this happens, transfer the liquid from the cartridge to atomizer is compromised and the overall efficiency of the electronic cigarette is not ideal. Aging cartridge generally manifests by inconsistent vapor and dry. At this point it is advisable to replace the cartridge with a new one.

There are some unconventional ways of reconditioning which, although functional, does not ensure optimal operation of electronic cigarette. So I set out for information and not as a recommendation. One method of "reconditioning" is clean wool in the cartridge. This process involves cleaning wool with warm water and soap, rinsing and drying. After the wool is dry to reenter the cartridge, loaded with liquid. Another option is to change the cartridge with a cotton wool fiber that is used in aquarium filters. These methods, although time-limited function, will never provide the same output as a new cartridge.

Atomizer is also a consumable that needs some maintenance operations. For maximum performance we recommend cleaning once a week by the following procedure: Unscrew and remove the battery cartridge - introducing a piece of tissue through the cartridge and blow from the side battery power. This process ensures the atomizer cleaning liquid residues while gathering. Sometimes, after a long period of use (3-6 weeks), one can notice a decrease in performance due atomizer dry residues that are deposited inside the atomizer. The process involves immersing cleaning atomizer for a period of 12 hours of double refined alcohol (96 degrees), and after that to put atomizer to dry approx. 8 hours in a warm place. This latter process often ensure a revival of atomizer - but not always.

Note: The method of immersion in alcohol can sometimes lead to irreversible damage to the atomizer - so it is applicable only in case of force majeure, the time when all conventional cleaning attempts were not successful. Apply this procedure at your own risk.

Sometimes the atomizer nichelina filament (the part that heats) is weakened due to prolonged wear, whatever the process of cleaning that you apply, will not function optimal. Nichelina filament of atomizer works in a similar way with ordinary tungsten filament bulb. When activating the electric heat will that after current interruption, cool. Like tungsten filament, filament of atomizer is subject to deterioration over time.

Next we present the average lifespan of a atomizer according to the type of smoker. The figures below represent only a relative estimate, there may be exceptions.

Smokers of 1-10 cigarettes / day - more than 8 weeks
Smokers of 10-20 cigarettes / day - 6-8 weeks
Smokers of 20-30 cigarettes / day - 3-6 weeks
Smoking over 30 cigarettes / day - 2-5 weeks

Batteries - generally require no maintenance. Sometimes, when the cartridge is overloaded with fluid, a portion of excess fluid may leak from the contacts between the battery and atomizer. Therefore it is recommended once a week, cleaning the contacts that connect the battery and atomizer with a tissue.


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